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The third generation of fun at sea

In the early 1936s, Arizona was founded by Mr De Smet. At the time, it was one of the first go-kart rental companies by the sea. In the early years, Arizona was located in the now listed villa 'Les Pétrels' on the Zeedijk. After the Second World War, the Bruynoghe family took over this thriving business.

Meanwhile, the third generation is at the helm with granddaughter Elise and her husband Filip Dequeecker.
Read an interview with Filip here in which he talks about how a go-kart rental business does make a difference.

Over the decades, operations expanded further to include bike rentals, a play village and trains. The number of branches also expanded with Roger and Arizona Xtra.

We really do have everything you need to have fun.

Years of experience in fun by the sea, and even in-house workshops where we have our technicians checking and repairing all gocarts and bikes.

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