A bicycle tour

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Happy cycling by the sea

The West Coast lends itself perfectly to a nice bike ride. The West Coast Cycle Route (48.5 km), signposted with hexagonal signs, passes by the front door of Arizona in De Panne and Happy Gocarts in Nieuwpoort. The looping route passes all the eye-catchers of the West Coast, from the protected Dumont district in De Panne over the dunes of the Hoge Blekker in Koksijde to visitor centre Westfront in Nieuwpoort.

Our range is as
extensive as it is diverse:

  • City bikes
  • Mountain bikes
  • Bicycle trailer
  • Tandems
  • Electric bikes
  • Carrier bicycle

And for the
younger cyclists:

  • Kids' bikes
  • Small sizes mountain bikes
  • Tandem for mum or dad with son or daughter
  • Child seats

Bikes can be hired for an hour,
a day or several days.

Our subscriptions (8 + 2 turns for free)

  • 10 x 30 min = € 48,00
  • 10 x 1 h = € 72,00

Valid in

  • Our gocart and bike rentals
    • Arizona, Maison Roger & Arizona Xtra
  • Our beach playground
  • Our trains



City bike
Kids' bike
Bicycle trailer

Electric bike
Carrier bicycle

1h €9 €18
1h30 €10 €20
2h €11 €22
3h €12 €24
4h €13 €26
5h €14 €28
1 day €17 €34
Extra day + €8 + €17
1 week €65 €136

Prices include VAT.
Guarantee : Certificate of identity

The Westhoek by bike

The cycle junction network guides you along safe and quiet cycle paths deeper into the Westhoek. Discover the enchanting Beauvoorde Castle in Wulveringem, the low-lying Moeren near the border or the war landscape in Diksmuide. Stop by one of the many artisanal brewers in the Westhoek or visit one of the leading museums that give colour to the region. We will gladly map out an itinerary for you in advance.

Adventure in the sand

The West Coast boasts mighty mountain bike routes. Our mountain bikes are specially equipped to plough through both the sand of the dunes and the clay in the polders. Don't worry about a splash of mud, we will completely shine your mountain bike after the ride. We will gladly put you on the road to beautifully marked routes in the area.

To make your go-cart trip the max, we have worked out a number of quests. They take you in a playful way to cool, and often unknown, places in De Panne and Nieuwpoort. They offer a healthy mix of nature experience and culture and you will learn something.

Also for small
and large groups.

The stock of gocarts and bikes is huge. We can cater for any group, up to well over a hundred people.

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