Pedalling with the gocart

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With the gocart on the dyke or in town

Fun is guaranteed with our ultra-safe, well-maintained gocarts. A trip with the gocart or bum cart completes a family outing by the sea. This mobile heritage is inextricably linked to the history of coastal tourism. For generations, a bum cart has conjured a spontaneous smile on every child's face. A ride in a gocart creates memories for life.

Our range is as
extensive as it is diverse:

  • Go-carts (up to 6 pedal)
  • Pick-up 2 pedal 
  • Pick-up 3 pedal 
  • Elektric go-cart
  • I-walk
  • E-step
  • Moto

Our promotions (8 + 2 free sEdison's)

  • 10 x 30 min = € 48,00
  • 10 x 1 h = € 64,00

Valid at

  • Our go-kart and bike rentals
    Arizona, Maison Roger & Arizona Xtra
    Our beach playground
    Our trains


  30 min 45 min 1h
1 Go-cart €6 €8 €9
2 pedal €12 €16 €18
3 pedal €18 €24 €27
4 pedal €24 €32 €36
5 pedal €30 €40 €45
6 pedal €36 €48 €54
Pick-up 2 pedal €12 €16 €18
Pick-up 3 pedal €18 €24 €27
Electric go-cart €12 €18 €20
Quad  €12 €18 €20
E-step  €12 €18 €20
Moto  €12 €18 €20

Prices include VAT.
Guarantee : Proof of identity

Colours of the season

We let children calmly make their choice between our extensive offer. Fan of the police or the fire brigade? Of K3? Of The A-Team? Ice cream vendor? Prefer some speed? We have the right gocart for everyone.

For large groups too


Pedalling together can go from two to a lot... We have two-, four- or six-person gocarts with or without extra seats at the front or back. Thanks to our trailer versions, we can expand the gocarts to eight, twelve or many pedal cars.

To make your gocart trip the max, we have developed a number of quests. They take you in a playful way to cool, and often unknown, places in De Panne and Nieuwpoort. They offer a healthy mix of nature experience and culture and you learn something from it.
Ask for your gocart quest at the cash register.

Also for small
and large groups.

The stock of gocarts and bikes is huge. We can cater for any group, up to well over a hundred people.

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